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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I see a red moon rising

Full moon last night, and at Atelier Alizarin, the home of RL/SL artist Alizarin Goldflake, it was party time.
To celebrate the opening of her sky sculpture garden, Ali put on a garden party, giving a host of her fellow artists and stray friends like me a chance to see her art, and be enchanted by the delicate beauty of a Japanese dance by Miso Susanowa, whose Garden of Sound you may already know.
Ali is a Boston-based artist, and it's no surprise that she is drawn to the fabulous MFA and in particular to the Tenshin-En garden in the courtyard there. This is her version of the garden, it's kare sensui, which is Japanese for 'without water'- now there's a useful phrase if you're ever on a day trip to Osaka. The Boston garden is a serene blend of cultures, New England and Japan, mostly, and the soiree was equally blended, our international harmony only briefly broken by the tiresome virtual roach who quickly scuttled away (one hopes, to the proverbial motel).
But the always harmonious Thoth Jantzen was there, his build {]Simplexity[} just scored Editor's Choice, it is a place I love, and everyone was pleased to celebrate his success, script king Velasquez Bonetto called him 'the master', and he really is.
Other attendees included... oh too many names to list, but Rowan Derryth was there, for once was not manhandling an underage avatar; the 'best summer costume' competition was won by Betty Tureaud, with stiff competition from Fuschia Nightfire, Juanita Deharo, and Isabella Alphaville; Scarp Godenot was there, his comments and demeanor confirming the old saw that abstinence is rarely the answer; soror Nishi looked her usual fun and fetching self, can't wait to see her 'Tree of trees', coming soon at the IBM compund.  The conversation ran around building, and on to Inworldz and a new place, Veesome which is just getting up and running, and looks very nice.
The centerpiece of the garden is 'At the end of the day' which must be seen in person. The view through the enchanted glass changes as you walk or cam in and around it. A subtle and serene blue dream.
There are six other floors to visit here, from musical kinetics to RL digital drawings, so if, like me, you can't be in Boston for Labor day after all, come visit the Atelier, and be somewhere.


TJ said...

was a really nice party! Miso's dance, the beautiful build, and good ppl...was nice to see some friends and colleagues I've not seen in a while, too. :)

nice post!

Rowan Derryth said...

Was a lovely party... especially since I managed to thwart your machinations. You'll not set me up so easily again! *shakes fist* ;-)

Miso Susanowa said...

What a lovely review of an enchanting garden party! Ali's build is certainly inspiring (as well as harmonious, relaxing and reflective).

@Rowan: my my you sure do seem to be getting a reputation! :D

alizarin said...

Thank you for catching the spirit of my work so well - also the tenor of a - mostly - wonderful gathering of SL friends. :)