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Saturday, October 23, 2010

To a crisp

We're deep into the burn today, but not nearly as laggy as you might think. Raven Haalan and the team, organizers and builders and bacon-purveyors alike -  have done a really great job! Raven was even nice enough to edit himself for this photo, when I couldn't get him to rezz quite right.
 I said he was a star for being so cooperative, when he must be multitasking like crazy, but he was quick to play down his role, and seemed sweetly positive when I broached the subject of - what else - doing it all again next year.
Raven Haalan: No, I'm just a helper bee! Next year? lol yah, of course! This is just a start, not the end, the team is good this year, and everyone is playin' nice, mostly, which makes for many smiles, if tired ones.
This was the scene at the Main Stage, lots of jugglers and people on stilts, I showed up in time to hear the excellent group ♫~D R U M~♫ Divine Rhythms of Universal Music, they're a seven-strong drum ensemble, including Lorin Tone, who puts the group's success down to the beneficial effects of bashing things.  If you've never heard them play, you can catch them tomorrow at noon for the opening of super spooky Halloween- themed The Unknown Country.

 If you're not going to be around for the inworld fun this weekend, or are still thinking 'Burning what? huh?', there's loads of buzz about this video by the always brilliant Debbie Trilling - it will give you a taste of what we've been going on about. Douglas Story  will say it's too long, tee hee, but I think we can sneak it past him this time, he's got his mind on other things right now. The Burn community has also been putting together crisp, spectacular photos of the various builds - check them out (and contribute!) on Flickr.
Also tomorrow, my favourite mathematical sorceress Wizard Gynoid will magick her Temple to the Number Seven into smithereens, not once but thrice, at noon, 8pm and 4 am, just because she can.  Leave your bits at home, slap on some sunblock, and come and be part of it.

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