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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Invitation Theory

The worst way to advertise your art show is by sending a Primvitation. Firstly, they're not nearly as decorative or informative as the makers think they are. Secondly, people are not always home or in a place where they can rezz when your Special and oh-so-unsolicited Gift arrives, so we can't see what the hell it is you're sending us, and the stupid thing goes stinking up our already overflowing Recent Objects. Unlike an IM, which I can read in email, the 'invitation' bit of the primvitation is lost when you send a mystery 'Object' to my Inventory when I'm offline. This one, by Misprint Thursday, showed up when I was inworld and having a bit of a sit down. I've not been well.
It turned out to be an invite to the UTSA's latest show Visualizing Theorem.
Misprint has created the Primvitation from Hell,  an ugly perspex column thingy, crammed with 2 notecards, 2 scripts, a LM (the only useful item) and a HUD. Apparently the theory being visualized here is "more is... more".
The HUD is fussy and distracts from the art. Unintuitive to a tee, it makes TP balls rezz when you click on it, because yeah! that's what the sim is lacking! more busy crap floating about.
This is what the HUD looks like when you're in Douglas Story and co's installation, called Galileo something-or-other. 'Colonic irrigation meets Trip to the Planetarium' would be closer to the mark. The 3 page notecard  dumped on you upon arrival has 'excerpts' (whew) from Artist's Statements, a trite gushapalooza about dog friendships maybe? Not sure, they lost me. But I am sure that all the 'surprise particles' in the world aren't reward enough for being subjected to that much drivel. It's always amazing that people who work in close collaboration still end up with so little sense of proportion/absurdity in their work.
The nicest part, to be honest, was the cool clean sky above UTSA. 16 is too many exhibits, and many of them are too close together to really work, both visually and in terms of lag. But the worst part is still that Primvitation. Don't send me any more, I mean it.


sororNishi said...

Well, tho I never rezzed this one, I have to agree, I usually leave them unrezzed until it's too late and then delete them.
This is one sin I am not, and never will be, guilty of. Definitely a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

everyone has different styles of information delivery...get over it I guess. PS it was a 2 prim minimal object-my sender needs an object and so I made one...whatevah...queen of SL I bow to you. I mean it.

Thirza Ember said...

Kiss Misprint, or anonymous if you prefer.