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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Great Divide

Well, I'm among the 99% who come into SL and then remember they don't have a mesh-enabled viewer and, at the end of an already long day, don't really have the time or inclination to go faffing about downloading Firestorm or (Lord help us) Viewer 3 - actually, wait, I do have Viewer 3, but no amount of wild horses or wicked art is going to make me open SL in that finger-fumbling, screen-blocking, fake-namery piece of shite.

Which is a bit ironic, as Eupalinos Ugajin's build at Split Screen is a meditation on the whole Occupy and 99% thingy. You miss out on the video, but you can get away with a normal viewer for most of the install, and it's a lot of fun. Keep the notecard open, you'll want to refer to it later. Here's the artist with Bryn Oh, and Split Screen owner and part time grouch, Dividni Shostakovich.

Eupa has a brilliantly weird avie, and isn't having any of it, with the whole 'I'm a fancy-ass artist' bs - this is all just an extension of long hours playing with Lego. Love it. I got this lucky action shot of Bryn trying out the rideable blocks being fired noisily into the atmosphere. Her avatar blended so well into the build I thought she was a bot to start with!
Not allowing point-to-point tp'ing is really irritating, although I get it that sim owners and builders see it as messing up the message or 'journey' of the install. While I appreciate the creator and owners of the art don't suffer lag basically cuz they're at home, many of us in the 99% do, and flying/walking towards a particular point of interest is a pain in the butt.

It seemed pointless to go to see Artistide Despres' build on the other half of the sim, as that's apparently entirely about mesh. But we had lots of fun with Eupa's crazy hat, and dive-bombing the patch of grass at ground level. To access the build, you get to jump through a hole, and float around in and on some neat boxes, and a lot more, but you should go see for yourself this weekend.
Eupalinos Ugajin and Artistide Despres are at Split Screen for the rest of the month.


Dividni Shostakovich said...

Do come back sometime with a mesh viewer ... you'll discover that actually Artee is the one with the meditation on the Occupy movement yah grouchy nut :-D

Thirza Ember said...

you're not that grouchy, I guess, but there is a delicious paradox between promoting the Occupy movement and the 99%, and building in mesh (or being part of the prole-shunning Caerleon group if it comes to that).