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Friday, May 18, 2012

Juniversal appeal

Tomorrow Saturday May 19th at 12 noon SLT why not TP over to Lavender Field  for a concert in a good cause. Junivers Stockholm will be playing a benefit for Feed a Smile. It's a charity that reaches out to people in need in Kenya.
junivers Stockholm: It's a small charity; they have a way of accomplishing more with the money they get than the bigger ones. And that's a very good thing.
It may be small, but it's well organized in SL - a glance at their notice board reveals a stellar lineup of SL musicians who contribute time and talent to raising funds for the cause. But what does it feel like for a musician to do a charity gig?
Junivers Stockholm: My work in SL is a lot about trying to create more awareness about that and start finding solutions. Right now we worship money but the only thing money can do is to buy "hands and minds". "Hands and minds" can create and produce services and products. Money can't do that.  So it's all about how we organise "hands and minds". So to make a long answer short, I feel that raising money isnt enough for me. Of course im happy that i can contribute in a direct way - like helping raise a little something. But to be honest... We need a long term change. I love the native Americans' "7 generation idea". Our planet has the possibility to be here for a very long time - it also has so much beautiful and exciting things to experience. Our system - a "competing growth demanding monster" that enslaves us all, has to change if we want to survive. The resources are not finite.
juni has a distinguished and long musical career in SL. He has been inworld since 2006, and has collaborated with a number of memorable bands and, as a talented composer, with groups like theMedora Chevalier's  Imaginals, and  Diabolus CARP. Right now he's working on a new show for CARP, called The Change, which I'm pretty sure is not going to be about what the name suggests. He's written lyrics here and there, but he's really all about the music - improvised, original, and always different.
junivers Stockholm:  Some people listen more to the lyrics and some people listen more to the tones. For me personally it has always been the tones. I do appreciate lyrics too nowadays. Its a personal thing i guess. My earliest memories in life are all about music. My mother loved to sing "light classical" music. My father loved more "heavy classical" music. Rachmaninoff made a deep impression. Later in life, when I learned about physics and chemistry, my intuition told me that music creates waves which carried atmospheres that affects our subconscious. Since I have these early memories of music, I could relate to the scientific knowledge and recognise the deep impact music had throughout my whole life.
The idea of an international platform, and the huge amount of people who like to experiment with new possibilities, along with the infinite technical possibilities of  the virtual world all led juni to SL.

junivers Stockholm: I do like to do RL music performances, but that means, for me, to play without any other musicians. So my best memories from SL is from the very old days when I only used SL instruments - playable ones. There were lots of people participating in jams - that was so great. We also formed some bands. Once we had a jam and the creator of the instruments we used, Robbie Dingo, came by. He so much liked what he heard, and the way we used his instruments, that he gave us a unique not for sale instrument - the whisperbox. That was nice, but i have to say there are many many nice memories. Music has this unifying power - I love that :)

With so much experience in Second Life, what kind of advice would he give a new musician?
 junivers Stockholm: Hmm... who am I to give advice? I need them myself! hehe. I can try though:. Maybe this is OK: Don't make yourself depending on an income - play because it brings you and your audience joy.
Don't miss junivers' concert tomorrow 12 noon SLT at  Lavender Field.

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