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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Method and Madness

Kenya's Feed A Smile is a great charity and Kiana the maddest pea of them all is trying to raise money for them in Second Life. The MadPea crew have set up a charity auction in a park at  Mad City among the wildly beautiful New York sims. The auction starts February 15th and runs through February 23rd.
The idea is that you bid on people offering goods or services or, in the case of the celebs, maybe just 'to spend time' with them. And there are some pretty well-known names up there, all the way from Bryn Oh to Drax. (OK you're expecting some comment like :"I would pay good money to have Drax pass 24 hours without spamming about himself and that bloody Fluffee", right? You're out of luck. This is 'don't mention the Drax' week. Thank God it's Thursday.)

What could you get for the money? Well, you have to click on the boards to get a notecard where the celeb tells you a little about themselves and what they'll do for / with / to you. What you read here is just a general flavor of what's up for grabs - find out all the details by going to the auction at Mad City !
Harter Fall who, it turns out, has a gorgeous German accent, is offering to "show you how we work at MadPeas or give you a short tutorial about 3d modeling, graphic design or mongolian throatsinging."
Strawberry Singh will do you 'one single photograph', KatRose Serendipity who sings and plays fancy guitars will give you a 30 minute concert, and builder Jaimy Hancroft will take you to see some new mesh sims, and give you some limited edition freebies, and possibly also a painted profile pic. Probably the best deal is Saffia Widdershins who will give you a write-up in Prim Perfect  to help promote yourself or your business.
Cold Frog has a bizarre offer for you... no, not saying, you'll have to TP in there and see for yourself.
Drive-by Polke
Betty Tureaud, Maya Paris, Eupalinos, Scottius and other art chums are there offering some goodies of an artistic persuasion, plus tours of their installs, and time to chat about art.
Fuschia Nightfire will do you a 2D picture, or even make you a short film!  Heck, Iono Allen will teach you how to make machinima!
Bryn's board is already at about 35000 Linden. Hmm, wonder why so much? Check out the notecard. Under  "6. Is there something you would absolutely NOT do with your winner?" she put "I don't think so." Now that's dedication to charity.
Kiana's board is already up to 50k, and delighted to see how the Lindens are pouring in, but remember,  their target is 1 200 000L - that’s enough to feed 400 children for one month! so keep the Linden Love coming...  here's that TP again. Everyone at MadPea is really nice, very helpful and professional, it's an impressive operation.
Here's my board - offering a trip into open sim, complete with help to set up your avatar, a hypergridding tutorial and a safari to see some nice places that are out of this SL world. The current bid is L 666.
Mission accomplished.

1 comment:

Huck Drake said...

Hey what a rippin good idea! I think this will be a really fun way to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.Dig deep my friends,nobody would pass a child in the street if knew they were hungry, much less starving. Have you ever been really truly hungry with no where to find food? Few of us have.