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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Turning Tricks

As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

I don't know if anyone notices these things, but I do plan to go back and finish that post about the Inferno in English, honest, right after this...
It's off to virtual Portugal and YouTube to check out the work of an old acquaintance, zephyru Zapedzki, a Portuguese painter and photographer. We met ages ago, on the last day before Paris got nuked from a lack of funds. There's a post about it, if you look in the archive. I say the last day except it wasn't, in good gallic style, not a hair was touched, if anything the art nouveau and vieux over there continues to flourish under new management, and it's busier than ever. Nothing like a fuss to get the punters in.

Anyway, zeph dropped this poster on me in which he asks: "Have you ever wanted to make love inside a giant kaleidoscope?" and who of us hasn't, in an erotic moment, thought 'this is all well and good, except for the fact that we're not in a giant kaleidoscope'. Oh yes, you have. Zeph has four 'scopes for you to visit, with this warning: "CAUTION! if you have epilepsy or similar problems do not use the Kaleidovortex M for more than a few seconds - even people with none of these problems may experience dizziness or sickness."
Yeah, brings us right back to the poster question, I know. I took some photos as you can see, just to show the kaleidoscopy and the hugeness, that's me the tiny figure in the middle of this picture, TP to that location here. Or here for the one in the picture at the top, I think. *Also thinks what the heck kind of hair is that now?* They are labelled 'F' and 'M' for reasons that wll probably become obvious to you round about ... now.
This is the video on YouTube he made of the 'scopes. (It suddenly occured to me I better watch it to the end, to make sure zeph didn't get carried away in the making of...)

He has a gallery you may want to visit also.
And now for something slightly different, more machinima, kaleidoscopes, but with libraries thrown in. It's called 'I am Library: Ode to Self-discovery and Collective Creativity' and promises to be clips from an early version, this video was posted back in February, as soon as I can find some hair and heels I plan to zip over to Thoth Jantzen's space in the Open Habitat, and see if the full and perfected version it is still there...

Hmm back again...well, of course in my semiconscious state of mini laptopia I saw little, and I may indeed have shown more than I saw, to the Man Himself, Thoth Jantzen, who as you can see is Thoth by nature as well as by name. He gave me this link to a new version you might like to see. In SL since '06 making him an oldbie of the best kind, as even my limited view of his CosmiqueIII confermed. What good stuff does he have on offer? You go over there and report back, how about that.
Also, if you're reading this today, Thursday 16 July, here's something else happening in the Italian part of the metaverse, at 10pm Italian time. The Antica Stamperia Il Faro (I have no idea how or why, but antica it is) is awarding literary prizes over at Immersiva. Drop by and try out some of your Italian, and pick up some original fiction while you're there! Ecco inanzittutto questa sera si festeggia a Immersiva come scritto qui, la letteratura metaversale italiana. In bocca al lupo a tutti i concorrenti e scrittori che si sono aderiti, e buona lettura a tutti noi, ci saranno delle opere davvero interessante da sfogliare inworld quest'estate. Second Life offre una gamma di emozioni e avventure ... caleidoscopica, e con questa parola giungiamo alla seconda notizia di oggi, il novo machinima di zephyru Zapedzky. Zeph è portogese, artista, musicista, fotografo; l'ho conosciuto tantissimo tempo fa, a Parigi Eiffel, quello che si chiamava Paris 1900. Ho scritto un post a proposito mi pare, uno di quei sim che sembrava all'epoca destinato a sparire sotto il peso del tier, ma che esiste ancora per fortuna, un sim molto elegante e bello. Sopra c'è una foto di lui scattata quel giorno, e a dire il vero era tanto che non avevo avuto le sue notizie, invece proprio ieri mi ha mandato il carino annuncio che vedi sopra. Ha creato quattro opere giganti, possono essere visualizzati nel primo machinima che avrai notato sorrendo attraverso la parte inglese... oppure possono essere visitati di persona : il cartello pubblicitario ci invita a ponderare la domanda : "Non hai mai sognato di fare l'amore in un caleidoscopio gigante?" Una domanda retorica, naturalmente. Sono quattro opere, veramente non ho capito come sono disposte nel metaverso, comunque questa qua sarebbe l'ufoscope F.

Quello grande di sopra, non so se riesci a vedere ma sono io al centro, è il kaleidovortex M belli da visitare anche se per quello grande c'è l'avvertenza che può provocare il vomito... uomo avvisato mezzo salvato. In tema di caleidoscopi in Youtube ho trovato anche l'altro video che vedi sopra. La creazione di Thoth Jantzen, eccolo, un vero ...dio egiziano - scrittore poeta poliglotta artista audiovisuale e dai anche filosofo. Uno di quelle persone incontrati per caso nel metaverso che provocano la voglia di continuare la permanenza virtuale ancora un pochino, per vedere cosa ha da dire.

Potete anche visualizzare qui l'ultimissima versione del machinima. Colori psicadelici, romanzi ambientati in Second Life, e la bella musica di Elton John... all you need is love!

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