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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Rolling Shuffle, artist, photographer and musician, recently in SL but you'd never guess it, showed me some Loopy Love last night...
No, not kissing and telling - as if !!
We went to see - or rather accepted the invitation to "Come loop yourself silly in the 7 stages of LoopyLove." by Maya Paris (that's her blog link) at Project Z on sim Cetus, which is, well, look for yourself... mmm machinima!

Yes, Project Z is owned and run by musician and composer Zachh Cale - who also has an upcoming Jazz Festival, from 17/OCT-14/NOV 2009:
Jazz & Art Festival 2009
Top SL Jazz musicians perform at 10 unique venues,
and 6 individual Japanese artists exhibit their work
with beautiful Jazz Music! Greatest ever musical event in SL Japan!
On Zachh's profile, these two pearls of wisdom, just thought I'd pass them along...

When you fully commit,
the universe conspires to assist you.
If something feels wrong, listen deeply without prejudice:
suffering is resistance to what is.

A girl can never have too many pearls. So these are some of the stages of loopy love, the fireworks bit, the dreamy bit, the jiggly bit, the wondering and talking and not talking bit. I am not sure at what stage your eyes pop out on stalks, maybe I'm doing it wrong... comments always welcome... You tp in to the gallery, it's important to read the notecard and remember turn off your A/O and music, and to wear the helmets provided for each room
not simply beacuse they allow you to hear the ...odd sounds and to be part of the animation of the spheres, but also because you get to look really funny wearing a cone-head hat. The sounds loop, the rooms loop, the animations loop, the cycle of rooms loops too, and you've that feeling, of having been here before, somehow. There is a funky offbeat slightly hysterical feel to the place, every sphere is a champagne bubble of emotions, some giddy some more reflective, some just slightly worrying. But in the end you float to the top, ready to go again. The colours are gorgeous and I am probably missing a lot with my usual woes, so as ever I recommend you go and see this for yourself... take a friend, of course.
So the other cycle, because I know you read the title and are wondering, is the Four Seasons exhibit at Tanalois, Gemini Isle, the Italian Art sim owned by my good friends Tani Thor and Aloisio Congrejo. Tani has just redone the whole land, and the results are spectacular. to celebrate the 'rebirth' of the island, they've a show with 20 artists divided into four seasonal areas, including Maryva Mayo, Shellina Winkler, Gleman Jun to name but three. There's too much to say about each of the artists to fit in this post, (apologies to those who didn't get a mention) but here are some of my faves... do TP over to see them properly, and show your Linden Love.

This is yer classic Italian Summer, Lion Igaly's people on the beach, ermm mummy why are those two people fighting ah happy days... interestingly, there is a bicycle in this picture... Builder Tani Thor has made four harmonious and complementary areas, it's a delight to go walking across the sim, and absorb the art along the way.

... and here next to his painting we have artist GIOBY Later with his very lovely girl Lauretta76 Carling - what's that, a proposal, Gio? Well, it is springtime at Tanalois... and there's an African summer feel to Zhora Maynard 's striking sculpture. I absolutely love the colours and the setting couldn't be better. I keep meaning to go to see Zhora's studio, so seeing her work here was an excellent reminder.
But my Best Bit award goes to the brilliant Nessuno Myoo. The classical subject matter, the delicacy of lines and the cleverness of perspectives leaving the whole work counterbalanced somewhere between two and three dimensions is so perfectly nuanced, you must check it out in person. TP to the 4 seasons show at Tanalois, you'll be glad you did.

... E no, ogg nn lo riscrivo... penso che le foto parlano da sé e cmq ti fa bene, ogni tanto, lottare con l'inglese. Dico solo che Nessuno Myoo è eccezionale, questo vale in qualsiasi lingua.

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