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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun Guy

Phewww! Zachh Cale invited me over to project Z for a preview of a new installation mushROOM, by Scottius Polke. The stinky sock knocked me out right away!
It will be opening to the public tomorrow Nov 1st at 1PM SLT
Scottius hand drew all the textures in the room from Housekeeper's Hell, where you're grateful smellivision is still a thing of the future. It's a giant bedroom with a sense of humour, an interactive trip through, as the notecard says, "the artist's subconscious - which manifests itself in life forms such as mushrooms, molds, amoebas, and other unclassifiable organisms. The bedroom is a fitting location for these life forms that slowly creep and wander, just like the images and feelings our subconcious may conjure when dreaming in our beds.

Their impact can be quite lasting into the "real" world of the concious." ...Bottom line, you can jump on the bed, study the funky plants, swim with the amoebas, climb on the desk and take a look at the witty books on the shelves (he may be unsanitary, but at least he is literary). You can sit on the rocking chair and feel very small, and of course pose on the rank-looking sock and be bothered by the trash that is scattered on the rug... there are things living under the bed too, I think they are evolved from leftover pizza. Just leave your Lysol spray at home, you don't want to ruin the ambience.

Seriously though, Scottius is a proper artist, quite newly arrived in SL. He cites Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Cornell (oo I like his Medici Boy) and the Catalan artist Anton Tàpies among the artists that have influenced him.
His art career began as a child with drawings and a strong interest in dioramas, and discovered collage in college, (OK he calls it 'assemblage', but that's not alliterative enough for me: we're talking "various found objects such as toys, computer and mechanical parts, jewelry, clippings, fabric, ink, paint, wood and paper.

There is often a build-up of material that results in an organic feel, in contrast to the metal and plastic objects within. ") Under the whimsy, the tension between opposing moods and mores comes into play; all is not as it seems, or indeed smells. While I'm here, Don't forget the ongoing Japanese Jazz and Art Festival here at sim Cetus. Room two is full of art by the likes of miyuki Alter, Kerupa Flow, Saneharu Yoshikawa, edaeda Mistwallow, yos Kamm, kazue Voom.

TP over before the fun is done!


moshang said...

nice blog, Thirza - was a pleasure to meet you ;^)

Thirza Ember said...

yay thanks MoShang! n btw the original slurl in this post went to the preview skybox - i have now changed it so it will take you to the lobby of Project Z, where you'll find a fungus to tp you to the mushROOM