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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cypress Rosewood Relief Benefit

Not a fan of cut-n-paste posts, as you know, but this is an exception.
Votslav Hax: Over the past weekend Cypress Rosewood lost his home and  shop to the devastating  floods in Nashville Tennessee. Friends of Cypress have responded and are calling  for a benefit held this Friday. Please note times we hope you  can  stop by and  give some support to one of SL's beloved musicians.
    Friday  May 7 Mardi Gras Park   Johin's French Quarter
      All times SLT

  •     2:30pm    Zachh Cale
  •     3:00        Bluemonk Rau
  •     3:30        Moondoggirl Moomintoog
  •     4:00        Frets Nirvana  
  •     4:30        Von Johin
  •     5:00        Anek Fuchs
  •     5:30        Gina Stella
  •     6:00        Skye Galaxy
  •     6:30        Kolor Fall
  •     7:00        Joaquin Gustav  
  •     7:30        Arman Finesmith  
  •     8:00        Senjata Witt

 Take off your AO, put on your unscripted hair and shoes, and come to listen, share, and contribute to the fund.

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