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Monday, January 3, 2011

Alpha Female

Forget the lameassitude of  Retrospectives, Predictions, and Top Ten Lists, and do something original.
Visit Little Rock.
It's new sim for a new year. NitroglycerinE artists Natsha Lemton and Loki Glas are working on a new environment. It's a sky-borne install which will be a big departure from the previous, oceanic incarnations of the Jardin des éphémères.
The full glory of the finished sim may not be ready yet, but you can still see plenty of Gallic glamour from this loving and creative couple; make an early visit to the ground level Gallery where Nat is putting out some of her best bits of 2D art. Among the 220 pieces that will eventually be on display, there are pictures - not portraits, exactly, but abstract 'histoires'  inspired by ten of the people who have been most influential in her Second Life. We went to look at the one of Loki.
It's warm, dark, calm, and attractive, like the man himself, yet, this isn't the one Nat likes best; that honour is reserved for this piece of gorgeous greenery.
 This is for Koad Sewell, whose beautiful sim Natsha admires very much. And the peacock theme? Is that a comment on Koad's personality? Both Loki and Nat laughed, and admitted he's something of a peacock, but in the best possible sense. The ten subjects haven't come to see the show yet, so some interesting reactions may await. Itinerant artist and herringmonger Scottius Polke, and cheetah aficionado Roy Scharfberg joined us to admire the pieces.
Roy Scharfberg: I love to come here and look at Nat's art. It clears my mind and inspires me.
Lemton's art is bright without being overwhelming; canvasses move through fresh and vibrant colours in a way that is both striking and harmonious. It's been a labour of love, and the works on show have taken Natsha about a year to put together, between making the alphas and the regular textures; that's a lot of time swallowed up in the process of making art, but Loki wouldn't want it any other way.
Loki Glas: We don't get a lot of time for playing and dancing in Second Life, but when I look at Nat's art, it is worth it!

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