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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Countdown to Craft One

Craft Grid is about to turn one year old, there's a party and you're invited!
The party isn't until January 27th, so you have time to prepare. You don't have to bring a bottle, but Craft is an OpenSim grid, not a place in Second Life. So now is the time to figure out how to get there, so you'll be ready on the day.
You've two options. First thing, be sure you're using a viewer that supports multiple grids. Phoenix or Imprudence are great because you can eliminate the need for attachments like translator, a/o, etc; reducing lag. Configuring the viewer for another grid is simple too.
In  Preferences : Grids
Click the button "Add" in the box "Login URI"  insert:  http://craft-world.orgL8002/
Insert a Nickname (possibly "Craft")
Click the button "Get Grid Info"
Click the button "Apply"
Craft will then be added to your list of Grids, which you can access using your avatar name, surname and password. 
Go to the Craft website and make an avatar, like you did at the beginning of your Second Life. It's going to be basic, Male Female or Gender neutral, so a chance for something new perhaps? Something bizarre for a change? Or finally something less weird? Anyway, you can change all that later if you want, including importing your personal custom shape. Don't get too freaked out about being a noob. OpenSim is less about what's on your skull, and more about what's going on inside it. Having said that, there are plenty of stylish freebies, at the landing point on Hydra and also at the Craft Freebie store. This is a non-commercial grid, so look forward to a lot of sharing.

Maybe you already have a nice avatar in,  for example, Reaction Grid (this map courtesy of Pam Broviak and the good people at govgrid). If you do, you use it to can jump into Craft. How do you jump? Pathfinder Lester explains Hypergrid Jumping here. Even a technomoron like me can do it, it's a lot of fun - see the photos here.
So once you're in Craft, what will there be to do?
Botgirl Questihas described Craft as a 'European grid', and, while he's not wrong - Licu Rau is Italian and partner and co-founder Tao Quan is Scottish - the atmosphere on Craft is international, not eurocentric. Tao and many others don't speak Italian, so don't feel at a disadvantage if your Italian, or indeed your Scottish, is not perfect. Almost everyone wears a translator. And everyone is friendly. It's the Friendly World!
What will there be to do and see in Craft? Music, presentations, and art exhibitions are planned, but even now you can visit some cool stuff, like Tao and Licu's sim-sized ship on Agra.
Try the interactive game on sim White Light, that begins underwater and takes you through a series of fantastic towers (Look behind you for the HUD at the landing point!)
and of course the Museo del Metaverso and the artists' colony that is coming together around it.
See you in Craft!

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