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Saturday, May 28, 2011


There's something of the Anne Frank about being an avatar in Facebook, don't you think? You're there, you function, fight, write and love, but for how long? The login page of Second Life actively encourages us all to join the FB community - but FB policy does not permit  'fake' accounts, and every now and then, people send out dire warnings of an impending avatar cull. And we all know what happened to SaveMe.
A few weeks back, Georg Jannick
 (not shown here in a recent photo) threatened to denounce me to the FB authorities as a fake person (hmm, /me starts joining the SaveMe dots). George also 'defriended' me. I was impressed especially because we'd never been friends in FB, SL or anywhere else. Guess it proves he really is of a Superior Race.

Talking about Superior Non-friends... The weirdest thing about FB is the stream of Philip Rosedale updates. I know it's not just me - Nathalie Gobe and Artée have both mentioned the same anomaly popping up in their news stream. I tried friending Philip, in the hopes that he would reject me and that would end the connection, and now I'm not even in that 'awaiting confirmation' limbo, yet the updates keep coming. I never, ever get updates about other strangers in my news feed, so why Philip? Does the FB software detect that Thirza is an SL personality? Does it consider Philip my spiritual leader? Does Philip know complete strangers like me (and you) are getting updates about his private goings-on? I propose a FB support group : P Linden Stalkees, what do you say?
The FB group 'Save PouletFritesMayo Boucher' was set up to support PFM, whose account was deleted from SL without warning, or (apparently) reason. The attempts by PFM's friends to get his case re-opened, or at least get an explanation, all failed. Look at this devastating piece of Gallic charm, written by Apalah Kujizawa:
Bon miam a tous :)
Je me suis permis aussi d'envoyer un ticket :))) en anglais :sss......
Et voiçi voila ce que ça donne :

Pouletfritesmayo boucher is not a bad man ! restore him please :-)
Don't kill him please!!
He was not guilty 
Many many many avatars in FRENCH COMMUNITY ( ) knows him like a good man and he always help any body...and we don't understand what be happen and why do you not explain why he was ban of SL.....???
So why you want to kill him???
What did he do to be ban of SL ?
WE,many avatar of FRENCH COMMUNITY, want to restore pouletfritesmayo boucher in SL please ,because we don't understand what be happen with explications=not guilty,no?
It was maybe a mistake from LL about this.....
SOMEONE must read any tickets about this case and not a bot for this case?...
Did you have an heart or little moment to read any tickets about pouletfritesmayo boucher please?

Thank you for reading and think about this like it was your problem.....
(hein que chu ach'ment bon en english ? ........c'est inné chez moi chu sur !!! ;-p)

Only a heart of stone could resist. I'm off to France myself, shortly. Yummy. More about that soon.


Chrome said...

I'm jealous, Thirza. How come you get direct revelations from our Creator, Philip of Rosedale, and I have to slog along in this mean old world as an ordinary avatar, just hoping for the best and trying to avoid the worst? I'm crushed. He must love you more than me. A lot. :(

Miso Susanowa said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Gary Zabel, who uses the fake name 'Georg Janick'.

Another one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' retards.

Thirza Ember said...

I bet Philip's all over Camille, though, am I right??

Chrome said...

hmmm..... better check on that; she does have a lot of new animations in her inventory.