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Sunday, May 29, 2011

X rated

It is stormy here.
Kolor Fall sent a gift in the night. I thought he'd forgotten about me, since I'm hardly ever in SL, but he hadn't. I opened the simple granite column on the roof, the only part of my house that I use these days.
The build starts with a spark, and then unfolds.
That's beautiful in itself, but once open, it's hard to take your eyes off these silent, spinning creatures.
 After Y is part of the gorgeous Puddles of Light build, currently under construction on sim KolorFall. The new build, which opens this ...fall (how appropriate) is out of this world, but this small taste has a solemn, living grace that outdoes any photo or machinima. Machinima is great, but it's someone else's viewpoint, and no substitute for your own vision, your idiosyncratic camera movements, the serenity of waiting on your own time, in your own moment, for the flock of after Y's to move again.
Jayjay Zifanwe, fresh from his first 'real blog post' on the  UWAinSL website, stopped by to take a look.
Jayjay Zifanwe:  I love things like this. I love the fluidity.

JayJay went back to work, and shortly after, thanks to my Jane Austen tag, the granite column was returned to my inventory. (More about Marjorie Fargis' Jane Austen in SL Club soon.) The exes remained, the way exes do, phantoms tethered to the mind's eye.  Stately as starfish, the primordial ancestors of fireworks, they churned beneath Harleywood's ancient particle fountain.
 Sublime kinetic energy turning cartwheels, they roll apart and then reel back in on their other selves, like the untamed persistence of memory. They make you want to set them free.
(see my Flickr for photos of the big build, complete with Lime Jelly dance)


Patrick Faith said...

LMAO ... I finally got your comment on X rated ;)

Nice to see you Thirza ;)

Thirza Ember said...

Y Patrick, I thought you'd like that.

Grace said...

Would you sell me rights to use one of your images for my timeline?

Thirza Ember said...

grace if you want to get hold of me write an email to