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Friday, October 7, 2011

Avast Art

PiRats without lag! No, wait; like world peace, global fiscal probity, and Photoshop Touch, these are things I hope for, but it ain't going to happen. Yet, back we *the unbanned* go to the French art sims, again and again, despite those tiresome ten minutes of treacly greyness - and not for the kudos of being tagged on a FB piccie. There's more to it than that.
classic lag-n-tag
On the Second Life website, the Pirats Art Network is described as four 'expansive' galleries - you know they mean vast, but the idea that they're open, bubbly, and chatty kind of works too.
wtf moment
For more than four years Newbab Zsigmond and Merlina Rokocoko have been offering, free of charge, a superb ring into which anyone with artistic ambitions (or delusions) can throw their hat. In most cases it's been fifteen minutes of virtual fame; in others, the confidence booster that has led to great, if not always good, things.
ooh lala, loving Kira Westland's sexeh pictures
A process that inevitably involves a lot of eye-rolling in front of 'Exhibits' that even the most kitsch-loving, doting nana in the world would not stick on her fridge door, let alone inflict on the general public.
it's pink, Jim...
The gallery's drawn its share of criticism for this pot-luck policy, but perhaps that's the secret of their great success and longevity, for every vernissage promises to provoke reactions of derision or delight, often on adjacent platforms. Plus they have that whole French insouciance thing going on, a non-linear mindset perhaps best captured by Robin Williams' Minnie Mouse impression.
Maya Paris checking out Oberon Onmura's bots : they are smaller than they seem.
So, unless they ban me, I'm going to keep going back. See you there.
Fabulous piece by Marie Wattre

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