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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Double Scott

Scottius Polke's been doing it for years - he even had a calendar out last year with in-the-wild 'nature' pictures. I'm a bit of a naturist my self - wait, is that the word I'm looking for? Let's clarify - I'm talking about art, scribbler art.  Doodles that have become sketches worked up with digital colour and detail into delightful paintings, until now only available in the 'real' world - so it's good news that his scribblings are now on show inworld at The Looking Glass.
It's a pleasing contrast to the Italianate architecture of the palace - and a rare chance to wander among scribbler canvasses inworld.
Inworld and out, from installation art in Second Life, to his recent RL show in Austin, TX, the 'two' Scotts are gradually becoming known as a single person of talent, in drawing, assemblage, and virtual builds.

 If you're already familiar with Scottius' RL website, don't let that stop you from tp'ing over for the opening at The Looking Glass at 6pm SLT, because it merits a close visit in itself - it is a gorgeous confection loosely based on the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and is the creation of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee,   both RL illustrators, animators and so forth, with lots of tech savvy (click on their names! look at their websites!!), as you probably know from dozens of builds and installs they've been involved with all around the grid.

Marcus Inkpen: I like Scottius' art, 'cause it smells like otter!  No, seriously, we've always been fans of Scottius's work. Not only are his building skills top notch - but his humor and warm hearted approach make his work irresistible :)
I'd like to second that.

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