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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wholly Spirit

Try the Exodus Viewer, said claudia222 Jewell. You will love it.
Love is good, and as beloved as the old layout is for those of us still in Imprudence and her sisters, we're going to have to weather that grating feeling between eye and hand that comes with changing Viewers, not to mention no longer being shielded from pitiful Display Names. Presumably all you SL stayathomes already dealt with that long ago. Exodus was intended for combat games, which explains the Hostile Radar; since I never cross paths with poor old Crap, I can't say if that works - and indeed, who cares. The more important options took a shedload of fiddling, but it was all going to be worth the trouble.
claudia222 jewell: In Exodus there are many nice and useful things you will not have with any viewer 1. In a few days you will love it, it's just the settup that's a little work. After that it will stay like it and the pictures you make will reward you to have gone trough the hassle, I guarantee you.
And suddenly, there it was. When the exclamation marks subsided, Claudia explained why she takes the time.
claudia222 Jewell: I try to help people for months to get adjusted to new viewers :) it's worth it bcause my exposition would otherwise never been seen, or just by Linden Lab itself. 
What makes this even more special is that Claudia's break-through mesh build, Spirit, has been open for a fortnight, and she's currently the hottest property for chat shows and glossy reviews of every kind. To go from the largely solitary world of building and Blender to the whirlwind of openings and TV interviews might turn a girl's head, but no. Not that she doesn't enjoy the way her work has been received.
claudia222 Jewell: The opening was amazing really, they all came, and I have met all now, I spoke all night with them for 5 hours, and had to go to work in RL without sleep, but was sure special to me. I was very lucky to get this chance to show my work here thanks to the Art Screamer team, Zachh CaleAmase Levasseur and Chestnut Rau. They have always been very generous to me and supportive over a long time.
As Spirit rezzed for me and claudia chatted, two visitors, Kermit Rutkowski and SIMONE Lyvette, came over to say hello. Both looked fabulous, they seemed content to bask in the serenity of their surroundings, and indeed the build is quietly busy at all times of the day and night.
SIMONE Lyvette: I love this avatar, I feel part of the art ㋡
It's impossible to cam around the sim without feeling you should be filming all this. The stream only enhances that sensation. Claudia decided to simply leave on the channel she'd listened to while building, rather than upload a special set of sounds.
claudia222 Jewell: This music made me feel calm. I think to have music that's not really anyone's normal choice makes it more accessable, also because we know it as background music in films, so it enhances the feel here, and also lets us accept the little strange parts of it, as it does in films we see. There are already lots of machinima of the build, I added many to my favorites in my YouTube account. I feel very happy it inspires so many to do it. People are seeing it through so many different eyes, and I think through the photos and machinima, it becomes like also their art. If  I am able, I will plant links to all of them all over the sim, like little discoveries for people to find, and also to reward the artists that made them for it. It's all much work, so it's a little thing I can do for them, to say thanks.

claudia222 Jewell: I had not even a computer till 2002. When I started I didn't even know I could be allowed to build. I had no idea we had sandboxes in SL. I left and came back 2 years later,  when  I heard we can learn about 3D here also. I wanted to learn to understand how it works, but was also  very unable to understand what 3D is really.  A bit over 1 year now, I have a nice desktop and have been able to start to learn  about  programs outside SL. I downloaded some programs like blender and others. I was very lost! The first thing I was interested in was human anatomy, and was making some faces, I think, and other organic shapes. I think we all  go and do try first with forms we are familiar with in our memory, to be able to focus more on  the technical aspects. Sculpties were made especially for people like me that loved to  make shapes of a more organic nature, to manage bring more realism to their work, but it was not  a format that helped us to learn much about 3d  practices in general. I made many mistakes always,  but it helped me a lot to learn from mistakes, even when it can be very frustrating - luckily, my computer never reacted to the tantrums in my head!
She has the spirit of a mesh evangelist, on a mission to convert us, one soul at a time if need be, to a better and deeper way of experiencing 3D.

claudia222 Jewell: Many have seen me as a strange balloon girl for months. I didn't mind, but I am glad you can see me now. I know in time we all will see mesh for the beauty it can give, so was a small price for me to not be seen.  The avatar its a asexual shape  for me. There are no arms to hug, no legs to run away, no sexual organs, and sealed lips; but I have wings and spirit, imagination and memory and eyes - even a heart  too. Some may see me  here in this avatar and think I am disabled,  but it's more about showing what I can give here. I  hope this sim shows everyone, including amateur 3d modelers, just ordinary people, that anything is possible. Our dreams, our will can motivate and enable us all  get  the know-how we need, simply by wanting it. SL is a place where people can find their talents, their best abilities. I want all to give mesh a fair try and help to make it a dream come true.

A reception as warm as the one Spirit has been given usually provokes one of two reactions. The creator either enjoys some laurel-resting, or else begins fretting over the Next Big Thing. Yet Claudia turns the success story she is living into something greater than herself.

claudia222 Jewell: I want to learn to make  mesh avatars in the near future - I mean I want to perfect them, and make many different ideas, and also learn to maybe animate them. We will get new bones for the  avatars to animate, and we will need to make custom animations to actually use them. I am not sure if I will manage that, I may even work with others more specialized in animations than me, but first I want to try myself. We are never finished with learning. I just see it as steps I take to get further. It needs all of us to exchange ideas and try and make this work. Its not that it's all fixed; the  work is still in front of me, but every little step is rewarding me, we are so smiling by every little success.
That's the spirit.

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