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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do what

Where do the days go.
Three bits of random news:
Anybody who lost their spot in Milly Sharple's gallery, which closed this week, may want to have a word with the Space 4Art teamThe sim will open on St. Paddy's day, 17 March, so IM Asmita Duranaya, ChapTer Kronfeld or Migina Miklos and grab your spot soon. They'll be offering 24 places to artists, each one will get a 50 prim studios for the same low rates that Milly was charging (like L150 a month, I believe).
Chantal Harveyis very excited about a big fat prize being offered for machinima - 3,000 Australian dollars and a chance to have your name bandied about at the Casula Powerhouse Gallery near Sydney, Australia, and, who knows, even LA. It's The 48HFP *think bright lights*. Once you've assembled your team and forked out the $48 entry fee, what's the hardest part of making a machinima?
Chantal Harvey: Hmmm.... having a good eye, telling a story, and filming in a way that people do not notice it is machinima.
What an amazing opportunity. The whole thing has to be done in 48 hours, by the way. But you can start thinking now, because you're meant to actually 'do' it from March 30 to April 1. Try not to fry your graphics card, and promise, if you win, not to go banging on about how 30 billion people saw your film in Shanghai. Or if you do, expect to be mocked mercilessly.
Oh that's right, the days went on recouping and then publishing a new magazine about music, for Virtual Music Services. Our first issue was carved entirely from articles composed of platitudes and the personal pronoun - or at least, that's what it felt like at the time. To go, in just ten days, from nothing to published was a steep learning curve, but Scribus is fun, and all the real credit goes to Wythe Wrexan for putting the magazine on Issuu, and to Jay Hurikan for paying us to have fun griping and learning.

If you know a bit about music in SL, are capable of composing a sentence without mentioning yourself every third word, and want to make a couple of Linden, IM Jay.
This room needs a good area rug.

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