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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bridge Span

          It was a tie dye goodbye.
          Four Bridges has been in Second Life since as long as most of us can remember, and sadly today, it is no more. The region offered a home to harmonious ideals, activism, to awareness of real life issues, both social and ecological; many fine builders have worked here, notably Trill Zapatero, and there have been countless ensemble art pieces, expos, poetry events and concerts. So why is it closing? The reasons are the usual ones - time and money. In a good way, really, because Four Bridges founder Millay Freschi is busy getting a Master's degree in RL, and also in a good way because change offers a challenge and new opportunities.
            That doesn't make it easy to say farewell, though. Even when you have Ultraviolet Alter weaving her usual magical music. And sparkly particles everywhere. That's Apmelina in the stripey yellow dress. She has issues; don't tell her I said so.
Magique: I've been squatting here for 4 years, it's meant everything. This is my home, going away. I think we went through a life cycle. When we started in 2008 all things were possible and in time we found rough edges, some activists thought it perfectly acceptable to be backstabbing and nasty to other activists.  Juni, Medora, Millay, Cotton, and I never found that acceptable. I called their bluff, and the leftist leaders quit SL. This is the end to that era and the beginning of something new and hopeful. SL activism shall never be the same. We are moving on to bigger and better things. RL will be a focus for a while and we might end up back here or on the New Platform, or High Fidelity or OpenSim... lots of possibilities...

          Did you ever wonder, why four? Turns out they're the four core principles behind the project. Click here to read what they are (and maybe join the group). The Four Bridges Pproject's website is a lovely example of how important issues raised in Second Life can be presented to the outside world in a seamless, serious and classy way. For even more information, Millay gives a lovely explanation of her philosophy and her approach to activism and virtual worlds, in this edition of  Talk! with Marie back in 2010. She has a nice voice, and some lovely ideas.
          Six years in Second Life is a pretty good run, many projects and regions can't boast similar longevity, and Luna Branwen has many fond memories of the place over its lifespan.
Luna Branwen: ...reading at Red's, when I was a fair noob, also more recently, spring this year I think, Magique's gathering people to rally for peace. It's a place of spirit and a place of peace but also always high energy with Magique and Medora. There is Cafe Wellstone.. and then there are many meditation places, but Four Bridges.. seems all encompassing.
          By the time we got to the party last night, the poetry bit was over, the music well on its way, and LL had already removed Aurakyo Insoo's Imagine Nest, here's a photo of it by Medora.
 Medora Chevalier: For more than 6 years Four Bridges has brought together people from many continents and creative areas to share their thoughts and inspirations to make the world a better place.  Under the leadership of Millay Freschi it has hosted many of SL's leading musicians, artists, poets and campaigners. It has raised issues including peace, the environment, violence against women, social justice, child soldiers, poverty and human rights. None of this will be forgotten and its impact continues to ripple out in virtual and real worlds.
          And on a personal note?
Medora Chevalier: there is a grieving for a loss - for 4B but especially AuraKyo's work which has just disappeared now. But I'm determined to bring people together around these themes. First of all we must remember that 100 years ago "the war to end all wars" broke out- yet wars still rage. Time to for us all to speak up and not be equivocal about some wars being 'good'. Each one makes an enormous shadow on the future.        
          Whether you're a keen activist or simply sympathetic to the general principles behind 4B, you'll be glad to know that the members of the group will not be stopping their efforts to inform, soothe, delight and enlighten any time soon. Perhaps later today, you can go to hear Jana Kyomoon's 'Moonday' concert and on August 4th at Medora Chevalier will be holding a World War I memorial event here  at her home on sim Heckroth.

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