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Friday, July 18, 2014


They may be taking the proverbial, giving her LEA 1. Because nothing could be further from her mind than using just one prim, or even one thousand.
Wizzy Gynoid: let's just say there are more prims on this sim than you have seen on any sim in Second Life.
          How does she make a place like this? In InWorldz, she put up a 80k structure using a rezzer, but here the 0.7 diameter struts were all lovingly placed by hand. Or so she claims.
Wizzy Gynoid: It's true! I did some calculating obviously.
          Obviously. And it's not finished.
Wizzy Gynoid: Still have to do some work on it; I want to install elevators that you can ride up and down, and thru it.
          The build is called Ctrl Shift R, better known as Wireframe.

Wizzy Gynoid: You see the idea is that we are all made of these triangles.  It's why i have the triangle tattoo on my own skin.
          It's not compulsory to go into Wireframe when you visit the build, but it's fun, and more than that.
Wizzy Gynoid:  It's suggestive. It's in the background. It's surrounding you, even as it underlies our virtual reality, until Philip and his whatever they're called... voxels. The idea is that he can solve the latency problems. Which I for one would welcome, as long as it is free to play.

               Interestingly, Wireframe doesn't really work with Ultra graphics settings, which is what I usually walk around in. And lag is something I rarely experience, even in Ultra, with the draw distance set to 1000, as in these pictures. But of course, as Wizzy pointed out, there weren't 100 avatars present, as there will be on the day of her opening party.
          But that raises an interesting question. Well, maybe two, but my laptop is none of your business. The second question, what really causes lag, is more interesting. It's not entirely prims that cause lag. It's people. People who have their sim full of timer scripts, not Art wearers. Folks who don't restart their regions often enough. Idiots with overblown particles coming off their bodies. People who put a script in every prim of a 120 prim hair, for example, because they are terrified if it is Mod you're going to steal it, when anybody so inclined could just bot the thing and be done with it. Or, do what I did for open sim, take the time to construct something very similar, in which case, the hair creator lost out on the cash I was willing to pay to get a full perm copy, and (after 17 trial versions) I gained a heck of a lot of building and texturing experience.
          Ctrl Shift R stands out in the LEA landscape like a cloud billowing above the LEA performance space, which is reminiscent of a tin foil hat to keep out the alien radio waves. Don't let them know what you're thinking!

Wireframe is fun, but the dance floor is best seen in normal view -it's in the heart of the building. Shockingly there was no meeroo barbecue on display. How come?
Wizzy Gynoid: they take up too many prims.
Fair enough.
Ctrl Shift R opens on LEA1 whenever Wizzy's ready.

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