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Thursday, September 10, 2009

September in Paris

...another french quickie, this is getting to be a habit...
Zephyru Zapedzky let me know about a new show he is hosting in the lovely franco-retro sim Paris 1900
Here's his notecard... except I took the liberty of changing 'expose' to read 'exhibit'. I didn't want him to sound like a streaker. Paris 1900 is a lovely sim, go over as soon as you get a chance.. I'll see you there.
"About two years ago, during my first weeks in SL, I was invited to exhibit my RL oils in an amazing museum at the famous Paris 1900 Sim. After my show there, I saw the museum was a bit dormant for a time, so I offered myself to curate it with new artists, giving montly expos.
After some months the Sim was about to close but then was saved by Saddam, and I again offered to re-open the museum and curate the expos as I had done before.
Some months later the Sim changed owners again, and now I was invited by my friend Ziget to continue my work as curator at a different but no less extraordinary museum at the all renewed Paris Eiffel Sim."

So this way, the Museum of Paris rises once more and the vernissage is 18th September at 2 pm SL time.
I'm presenting the great artist Carressa Constantine (RL oils on canvas) and some of my own RL and SL works as well.
I hope you all be there for the big open party at Paris 1900
in the name of Art."

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