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Friday, November 27, 2009

Scripted weekender

Imagine a thousand cubes, each reacting to SL clouds directly overhead, getting lighter and higher as the cloud density increases, creating a dynamic multidimensional map of our random sky, softly mutating with the movement of light and shade. If you imagined it, good! but you're too late to invent it, which, on the whole is also good, because you can effortlessly go and enjoy the excellence of Storm Cells by Oberon Onmura showing at project Z on sim Cetus.
Storm Cells is interactive, you can fly around on a vehicle, hang out on the central platform, or go for a wander in flight or on foot. If you stand on any one of the cells for a bit, they adopt your name so folks will know you passed this way. Like a lot of big art, you need to give this time, it's a good place to stand and chat, hum, or think while camming out to a vast horizon, and allowing the weather to overtake you. More Zachh, he is playing his piano at Solace Beach at 3 pm SLT where there is also a "Live Music Treasure Hunt! And no, I have no clue what that means, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go and find out. See you there!
Also on Saturday,at noon SLT, Good music and a good cause, with a French accent: at the Monet sim Giverny . Soleil Snook let me know about this wonderful-sounding classical baroque concert! Swiss duo Tom Dowd and Françoise Pronguét will be performing 15th Century music, streamed inworld in aid of the Pancreatic Cancer Reasearch Fund UK, so another for your weekend calendar, at trip over to the Bistro Le Chat on sim Giverny.

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