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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Country

...they do things differently there.
L P Hartley, The Go-Between
*sigh* Another flurry of impending Arma-Linddon posts across the blogosphere... I haven't been keeping up with most of it, since repetitive whingeing brings me out in a rash, but before we all go to hell (or Blue Mars) in a hand cart, why not contemplate Pathfinders. Take a look at Leslye Writer's exhibit, you'll find it a thoughtful work-in-progress, to which you can probably contribute, in one way or another.
Enjoy the maps of Ye Olde SL, which show long-vanished places like 'The Disco', and sims like Clyde and Stillman visible in their first incarnations. Click on the little ball beside the nameplate under each picture to receive notecards at turns revealing and tantalizing, with photos of oldbies as they are now and, in some cases, showing how they looked when they were newbies.
Here you'll find famous figures from the fields of SL art, writing, music, building and scripting, including Huckleberry Hax, Russell Eponym, and Madame Thespian Underhill. I sat on 'The First Prim' - is that sacrilege? -  and had a read. In some cases, Leslye has added the story as she knows it, in others, the interested parties have contributed a paragraph or two about what it was like to be an early Resident, and how things have changed both technologically and as a community. Persephone Phoenix gives a sweetly lyrical account of her early life and her love of flying. I liked Filthy Fluno's card best though, as soon as you read it you'll agree, it sums him up to a T.
Are you an oldbie? Do you know someone who falls into that category? The cut-off age to qualify is currently class of 2006. Why not join in? Visit Pathfinders or send Leslye Writer a current photo, an early pic of yourself, and a short account of what life was like in 'olden' days - you remember, when you had dorky hair, couldn't walk right, and kept crashing. Oh wait, that was me on Blue Mars yesterday ...and in SL this morning.

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