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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ceci n'est pas une...

No, he is complitly naked, it moust be art lol!
Betty Tureaud

... tetine... wait for it... nope, didn't get ejected from anywhere, I think they made that stuff up for the oodles of free press. Or maybe all the Lindens are lighting candles at the Shrine to the Perpetual Doodle, and didn't notice my naughtiness.
zephyru Zapedzki  is a cross-world artist from Portugal and he curates art at the Paris Eiffel sim - a place that has one huge defect: the landing point is set centrally, so when you get the LM for Zeph's shows at the Jeu de Paume, you arrive instead under the Eiffel Tower, and by the time you rez, and wander about a bit, you've received so many distracting IMs you forgot why you were there and leave again. And by you, obviously, I mean me.
His latest show, Ceci n'est pas une exposition ends this weekend, I don't know if you're still in time, but the sim is fun anyway, and this photo may help you get your bearings. Oh and here's the video commemorating the event
Better late than never. Zeph, who was smoking a pipe when we met (or was he??), showed me around the exhibition. Ub Yifu's well known interpretation of  Dali's Temptation of St Anthony greets visitors, and opposite there's a tribute to Bettie Page.
zephyru Zapedzki: I like this piece because it's complete in many ways. It's a rl painting I did tributing Bettie Page, it's a SL sculpture too with the wooden mannequins I did (I have a collection of them, famous RL sculptures included) and it's an installation art in SL. And the funny side of the theme, the wooden mannequin became the painter and paints his girl, but in RL, not in wood.
The always astoundingly beautiful AM Radio is represented by eight exquisitely surreal canvasses, from The Flow of Intention to The Red Door and Overcoming Imaginary Gravitational Forces. In juxtaposition, McPol Kamachi's rather frightening real life oil paintings and the superb digital work of Araminta Kroitschov complete the lineup, transporting the viewer from real to surreal to virtually real in a perception-bending ride. The locus  for the exhibition only heightens the disconnect between our preconditioned expectations and the subject matter of the paintings; we are in an impression of the Jeu de Paume in an approximation of Paris; in a way the most real thing here is the content of the artwork.
Next up at the Jeu de Paume?  zephyru Zapedzki  reveals - the inimitable Patrick Moya! now I've got my pseudo-Parisian geography straight, count on me to be at the vernissage - I hope you'll join me.
Also happening today, you can vote for the best piece of still life at The Meisterbastler Gallery.
Still life somewhere between 2 and 3D - it's a great idea by Asmita Duranjaya, Zewe Major and Miriam Evanier and given the chance, I'd have liked to submit something of mine to it, and badgered you into voting for me, so be grateful I have zero free time lately, guess me and M Linden have something in common after all, although, he is probably going to be less tied up in the foreseeable future.
You might also want to drop by Dulcis Taurog's new show at the KunstGalerie sky where there will be musicks and celebrations at 3pm SLT. For even more interaction, At Fruit Islands Art on sim Mango you can explore the nature of presence and absence with two new works by  Oberon Onmura: first see 'Intersectors', where multicoloured prims react brightly on contact with one another, and then get up close and personal with Pop-n-glo spheres...

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