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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winner's Circle

The declared winners of the Science/Art (shakes fist at Blogger, which has issues with the ampersand) have been announced by Marjorie Fargis...
This very wonderful piece is 'untitled string theory'  by Mila Tatham and Rodriguez Imako, (sorry I forgot to mention Rodriguez when I blogged this earlier).
All the top pieces are on display for one week from today between the menhirs of MarkWD Helendale's Pseudostonehengikon, on Frontier Land.
The final trophyholders are (drum roll)...
Merlino Mayo, for this
... and Abstract Baroque for this.
You may have seen some of Abstract's early work, together with Eden Toll,  over at Diabolus  a while back. I asked Abstract to do the Winner's Quote thing and this is what he said, just off the top of his head,
Abstract Baroque: "Just as Second Life is at the cutting edge of new art forms, so in science String theory is leading scientific thought. Bringing the 2 together conceptually has been a challenge and great fun, and I look forward to all artists in Second Life developing an art form of the future, and maybe sharing the journey for a while."
See, he's much more than just a snappy dresser. Check out this video too!
Anyway, if you like to read Italian, you can do no better than to visit Frontierlander Aliza Karu's version of events in her admirable blog

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