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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crash, Bang: Mapping a Trollop

It's a big crash, and it's quite serious.
What's a bod about? In our search for happiness, love, and success, what are we making of ourselves? Corporeal or corporate? which matters?  Crash Bang Trollop is the new build by Maya Paris, opening this afternoon at MetaLES.

It's a mad, bad, hilarious-to-know exploration of the prodding and primping that is so important in our commercial, superficial world. In addition to the Zap suit, there are seven
brilliant accessories for you to find and wear, scattered around the (mostly) ground-level install, which looks deceptively peaceful in this photo.

If the Smack the Pony song (in the link above) supplied the name for the build, and  her interest in The Anti Advertising Agency gives a revealing insight into her artistic world view.

The ladies of MetaLES run a tight ship, with fast turn-overs and fresh art each month, but this build has no sense of being rushed, far from it. Behind the entertainment value is some really interesting research.
Here's a handful of articles that have inspired Maya:
Endangered species summit  (follow the link on the right of the page), and another on the question of mental environmentalism.
Then  there's this article on the horrors of armpit hair in BUST magazine - it's funny, and insightful.
Check out these two Guardian newspaper UK articles. First, a piece about cosmetic surgery and, then this description of erm, the worst 'cock-ups' you can imagine. Ouch. So not only a girl thing, this body-beautiful obsession.
What are we doing to ourselves - or at least, how is 'normal' getting so twisted? It makes you think.

That twisted feeling is all over Maya's razor-sharp build. It's all about waxing, and weights, underwiring and over-shooting, rockets and boots and all the spikes you could wish for. With charm and a confident hand, she mocks concepts that, duh, informed Thirza's creation - hair, dress, and all the rest. It's sobering, while being fun. Maeve Eiren (about whom more later this week) took a breather from the retrospective forestry work going on at her enchanted Celtic-themed sim, to come and take a peek at the build.
Maeve Eiren:omg Maya has outdone herself. Awesome good. I will return tomorrow :))
Shellina Winkler, who's exhibiting here in November, and came to scope out what goes on at metaLES, also liked it a lot.
shellina Winkler: It's a real fun to interact with all she made and wear all the items and gadgets she created to interact completely with the work. It's surely, as always, a "must to see"!!

Sim owners romy Nayar and Ux Hax also joined in the preview fun - who can resist this stuff?
romy Nayar: It's wonderful. It's very interactive and artistic - Maya Paris did a very nice work, it's great!!
romy Nayar: zap ....  * ★ * LoOoL * ★ *
That says it all.
Crash Bang Trollop  opens today, until October 7th, on sim MetaLES

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