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Friday, September 9, 2011

'tricks of the light

Time to dance and be delighted, at Betty Tureaud's new build at Danish Visions. OMG how gorgeous does she look.
The theme this time is The Matrix, and as you can see it's inspired by those little boxy QR Codes that you see everywhere these days.
These particular ones were captured,
on the go, by Starshine Halasy, on her trusty iPhone. They all lead to movies and websites. Movies and connections hidden in plain sight, bathed in lyrical light. How cool is that!
Even more coolness, Ultraviolet Alter's music livened up an evening full of the usual artistic suspects, including Apmel Meerson, who spent most of his time showing a healthy interest in upskirting Ultra... aaaah, the Swedes.
Apmel Meerson: BETTER THAN SEX. well almost anyway...
More public-spirited but marginally less giggly, this was Dutch artist Fiona Leitner's reaction to the question: do artistic get-togethers matter?
Fiona Leitner: Of course! It's important. We have to stimulate each other, and see what we do.
Plenty to stimulate here. It's art that is at times puzzling, at times overwhelming, but impossible to ignore. She seems to make colours bigger than themselves, and the addition of original music is a joy.
 Betty says she and keyboard queen Ultra have collaborated so often, she's lost count, and in a place as enchanting as this, it's hard to keep track of anything.
The enchanting Rose Borchovski, freshly radiant from the triumph of her FABULOUS Pink...tutu tour (what a woman!!) was in the best of humours. She pulled out her pink rings and began playing with them, much to my delight. So, what about Betty, then, Rose?
Rose Borchovski: So many naughty remarks are going through my mind!! Let me think. I love how Betty always makes an explosion of colours, and this time I'm utterly happy because it is so PINK!
Self-confessed Betty fan and grand machinimist Iono Allen was there, and his presence at the dance, considering it was about squifteen o'clock where he lives, was testament in itself to his admiration of the delightful Dane.

He's filmed Betty's builds in the past, this is Nine Steps to Heaven... and this is Woman is Africa's Hope

Iono Allen:There's always a message in her builds. See, I am a fan !
The message here? It's a matrix of connections, taste, current fads and fashions, light and exploration. Joined together by friendships, fraught and tenuous, but all the more fun, perhaps, for that. how much of what we really think is hidden in plain sight? no tricks, or maybe just one - enjoy it all...

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