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Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Parts Mask

Magical mask performance by the Odyssey group today over at Roxelo Babenco's  Museo del Metaverso Art Space  on Moya's sim, where the ongoing Art & Poetry show moves into its second week.
There were other artists on show, but I could only sneak into SL for a few minutes - in time to catch the outstanding performance by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko, and Kai Steamer.
Three avatars, identical in size and movement, yet in startlingly different attire, moved across the stage to other-worldly music, asking us the eternal question - how many masks do we wear? Also -
how do you add a Windlight setting to Imprudence, as instructed on the notecard? There was no time and no inclination to do that, so Fogvari did duty, and I focussed on the higher issues at stake  here.
"THE MASK: A SYNCHRONICITY"  is a performance work based on yet another of Carmen Auletta's Neapolitan poems: 'A Maschera. It 's more Venetian than Neapolitan looking, different than I expected, but that in itself raises all kinds of musings, in this year of Italian Unification.
Not really. It was far more ethereal than that.

Don't worry that you missed the debut, this piece will be repeated at the Museo del Metaverso Art Space  a number of times over the weekend, both by the artists themselves, and with bots playing the three parts. (Bots as understudies. This could be the beginning of a New Hollywood.).
Bound to be blogged to bits, "THE MASK: A SYNCHRONICITY" will soon also be available on video and of course will be beamed LIVE into Moya's Malmaison Gallery, in Cannes. Was there ever a better excuse to go to Cannes? I think not.


Anonymous said...

Art and Horns! Two faves of mine :D

[Bradd Laval @ Inworldz]

roxelo said...

Performance poetica e innovativa, molto curata, bravissimi i performer.