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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paris when it prickles

Art in Second Life may be undergoing some stress testing these days - no money means no art sims, unless you want to be swallowed alive by LEA, it seems. But never fear! Maya Paris is here to cheer and inspire us all to be more tickled pink and jazzy in our January outlook.
 I've been transatlanticking this week, which has kept me busy, but not too busy to see this wonderfully dark and musical exhibit - with lots of freebies, of course, and costumes. What would a Paris build be without them?
 Snowbody Cortes took these lovely pictures.
Unlike good hair and good shoes, most top-flight art in SL is free. That doesn't mean you shouldn't help pay for it. There are lots of ways you can contribute to artists - Maya, for example, supports her work by selling beautiful fans - so show the Linden love to artists, as you do to the Musicians, dressmakers and cobblers all. It's time we all paid to play, don't you think?
Le cactus is the Santa Barbara College venue for Maya's new work, but don't miss the Casino de Paris mini-version, on Virtual Montmartre, one of the richest sims in the Life. (Nish Mip's umbrella shop is there!)
You don't have to throw a banana on your head but if you did, just this once, don't you think it might be a laugh?
Looks like Wizzy 's having fun...
Turn up the volume,and get dancing. The music of Josephine Baker and Valaida Snow is guaranteed to delight, and you can't put your back out in vitrual worlds - so just let go. You'll be glad you did.

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Wizzy Gynoid said...

hehe. yup. i was having fun. this place was a blast from the past.