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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Big Wizness

If you haven't seen a hoodron, try going over to sim Clive it's the SL home from home of the Great Geometrist Wizard Gynoid.
Today, she was trying to figure out how to lip-sync in a movie. Turns out, lip sync-ing works just fine in opensim, also, by the way, Wiz, OSGrid's dan banner confirmed it, so probably it's just fine on InWorldz too. The details of Wizzy's lip syncing adventure will emerge soon. Neat, to see her in SL. The SL her has USB hair and an inability to use the letter 'f'.

She is also sporting some mesh boobs. Trust me, they're really detailed, even up close.
If you come to sim Clive, we can't guarantee you this level of intimacy, but you can certainly see a
cool piece of sacred geometry, heck, you can even sit on it. (More wizardry is available for your admiration on sim Wizzy's Workshop, in IWz, definitely worth making an avie for that world, if you haven't got one yet.)

I call them hoodrons, because they always have impossible names, which may or may not be real. Only a braniac would know.
Wizzy Gynoid: This is a combination of a merkabah and a cuboctahedron, only it is tensegrity. I'm planning to make this in real life,  plan to have it at Burning Man. It will be twenty feet across, made of aluminum irrigation pipe.
Just imagine that... and stop thinking about mmmmeshboobs.

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