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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekend in New England

There once was a girl from Nantucket...
No, nothing rude, although I'm arguably under-dressed for such an occasion... my point is, this weekend there's a 19 hour musical event going on at Nantucket Village Square that's Second Life New England... a 65 sim zone I only heard of recently - how embarrassing! - run by the lovely Becca Horsforth and her talented team. The LSNE site will put you on to the many things there are to see, especially Mystic of course (stop by for a pizza, but Don't miss the photos of RLNE by acclaimed photographer Evad Slade. The money they're raising is to help Haiti, so visiting and contributing is good for your soul as well as your whole...
Take a pics few of your own... and if some pesky item won't rez, is ugly, or plain annoying (it works for avies also) just make it invisible! I (lame as ever) only recently discovered this lovely feature, thanks to my favourite photo people, Koinup. I expect you already know  how, but if not, here's the link.
Hope you soon get over to spend some time in New England, among the long rocky beaches, as Barry Manilow sang - but also to the village, the shops and the open air Theater and share in their culture, their chowder, and of course their great cause.

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Pier said...

thanks for the kind words on Koinup!!! we appreciated it a lot!