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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Open and shut...

As everyone knows, there's uproar at Linden Lab's announcement that they are going to raise the price of sims designated as open space by an extra fifty bucks a month... in real money. Ouch. They have their reasons, but as the the SL Herald reports, others suspect the hike in prices is part of a strategy to make Mainland sims more attractive. It's a serious concern to everyone, since it affects our fun and creativity - art needs acreage - and already many Residents are talking about downsizing or pulling out of SL altogether. I hope you don't go!
On the upside, jolly Jack Linden (he doesn't sound too jolly just recently) says LL will 'keep listening' to protests and comments on the forum page which makes for very informative reading. Maybe they will rethink this thing,I certainly hope the matter is resolved soon, in a way that supports the hard-working and creative people who make this place so wonderful. A price hike when everyone is hurting financially seems uncool, but if there's one thing we can always count on in SL, it's change. We'll all just have less of it in our pockets, I guess...

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