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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sun Screen

Sorry, I did a Captain Oates this week in wildest laptopia, *thinks: what is strange shiny thing in sky - where are my walls - hold on, is that a beer?* No pictures, but here are three slices of metaversal life for you...
Firstly, Yay for Pirates! or in this case, the francophone art group in SL PiRats. Their logo is the Pi symbol plus a rat, feel free to semiologize all over that one on your own time. PiRats is a non profit (or as they say in French loi 1901) that seeks to promote art both in RL and in SL, and bring the two together. The group was founded by Newbab Zsigmond and his partner Merlina Rokocoko - ooo look at the voyage de Merlina. They have several sims including Second France, Bourbon, and Coral Estate, not to mention a good blog with all sorts of video on it, well worth a look, especially if you know some French. Newbab is a photographer and a film director in RL, and their sims are vibrant and well organized: don't miss their magazine, Artung which is also available at newsstands in SL. If you go over to Coral Estates any time soon you'll see some Euroart by ArtsParks friends such as Maryva Mayo and Aloisio Congrejo.

On the same treasures-on-the-beach theme, Wow here's a lovely machinima on Youtube: Island of Dreams. It's by Serenity Mercier and features the dress designs of Leezu Baxter. Leezu has been in SL since December 2006, and according to her profile spends most of her time creating and has the Do Not Disturb sign out. And it shows!! - her creations are lovely. I picked up Pan Revolution recently, and haven't taken it off since, except for my weekly bath in asses milk, of course... just gorgeous ! It's been all over the fashion blogs, but you have to see it in person to get the full effect. This is more than a sexy ensemble though - it's on sale at her shop for 5000L, and the proceeds go to the Terre des Hommes International Federation children's charity. For more on LeeZu and her fashion line, join her group inworld, or contact her business partner Suzi Phlox, and click here to see the group's blog with the latest fashions, competitions and store locations.
And finally, because that frosty one's not going to drink itself, a literary item: the scribelicious Harriet Gausman dropped this note on me today:
You may well have heard about the Writers' Meet that gathers every Monday and Friday at Milk Wood. The aim is to get people writing by helping them set achievable goals and providing them with a supportive, friendly environment to get them moving in the right direction. I would like to award a prize each month for the person who has produced the best piece of writing. I am gathering a prize fund of cash, real life books from Amazon, signed books from published writers etc. and wonder if you would like to contribute a gift to our fund. The chosen winner each month will choose one prize from the available fund.
Each month we will have an event where chosen writers will read their work using voice to an audience and we encourage anyone who has donated a prize to come and enjoy the work that is being produced.
We intend publishing the fund and donators on the blog together with the goals set each month. However, if you would like to remain anonymous we are happy to keep it a secret.
Anyway, I do hope you can help in whatever way you can but we would really love real life prizes; books that will be of help to the new writer, writing implements, editing services etc. Anything in that vein would be greatly appreciated and of course if you are a published writer perhaps a signed copy of your work would be wonderful.
With thanks, love and light,
Harriet Gausman The Guild of UK Writers Milk Wood

Writers' Meet happens every Monday and Friday, 2PM SLT at the gypsy camp, Thistle Down, Milk Wood.
O Lord now I suppose I have to write some of this over again, in Italian. In a minute. Pass the Coppertone.

Questa settimana ho fatto come il Capitano Oates ("Esco e forse staro' via per qualche tempo") ma invece del gran freddo, qui fa caldissimo... sole e il lago e birra e un po' di divertimento dai me lo sono meritata, credo... ma non ti ho scordato, ed ecco tre novita' metaversali, ma senza immagini, visto che mi trovo in Portatilopoli dove le foto non si scaricano.

Cominciamo con i pirati o meglio PiRats, gruppo francofono - anzi un'assocazione non per scopo di lucro, o come si dice in francese 'loi 1901' - fondato dal regista e fotografo Newbab Zsigmond insieme all'artista numerique (= digitale) Merlina Rokocoko - che bello il voyage de Merlina. PiRats unisce artee artisti in Real e nel metaverso: si puo visitare in SL ben 3 sim, belli modersni e molto ben organizzati si chiamano Second France, dove troverai un'ampia galleria d'arte; Bourbon, dove troverai il palazzo del governatore, e Coral Estate un sim pieno d'arte virtuale, in questi giorni troverai artisti 'nostrane' quale Maryva Mayo e Aloisio Congrejo. PiRats ha anche un ottimo blog e hanno anche una bella revista virtuale Artung la troverai anche in edicola ai sims .

Ora una bellissima machinima SL su Youtube: Island of Dreams. Serenity Mercier l'ha realizzata, i bellissimi vestiti nel video sono le creazioni di LeeZu Baxter stilista molto festeggiata sui blog moda... il suo modello Pan Revolution e' un bellissimo vestito che porto da giorni (l'importante, come mi ha assicurato un-amico, e' che mi lavo) ... piu' di un vestito e' un modo si dare ai bisognosi - se vai al negozio di LeeZu, lo potrai comparare per L$5000 - tutto va a un'opera di beneficenza per bambini, il Terre des Hommes International Federation . LeeZu ha un bel gruppo ( Suzi Phlox e' la responsabile) e anche un blog... ecco il link.

E un post letterario...Harrit Gausman mi ha segnalato una nuova iniziativa per gli scrittori, e forse puoi aiutare... Writers meet e' un incontro di scrittori. E' un modo di spronare autori e proto-autori, di dare incoraggiamento e nuova energia a chi scrive racconti romanzi, e poesie. Harriet cerca chi desidera contribuire al fondo premi mensile... se desideri fare un regalo al gruppo una contribuszione in Linden, libri in Amazon, aiuto con la redazione di un testo inedito, un libro Real, oppure qualche altro premio virtuale, sarebbe lietissima sentirti. Cerca soprattutto - ma non solo - autori real pubblicati che hanno un ibro real da mettre in palio, quindi spargiamo la voce - consolidiamo i legami angloitalofono!!! Il gruppo is riunisce a Thistle Down lunedi e venerdi alle 23.00 ora italiana.. vai a veder di che si tratta...

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