Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's got to be more
Than flesh and bone

Tom Waits, Take it With Me

Art is not that which you stand before, and contemplate, so much as what you walk away with when you go.
The magic of the fable is in the knowing and the not knowing.
The self as a box: thinking about this side of you, that aspect of me; even in a photograph, so much of seeing depends upon believing, and the confusion that arises from concealment, and giving away. Better the view by effect, the secret unspoilt, the oblique glimpse, the action of the sun seen through shadows.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


[08:02 PM]  Oberon Onmura: hola!
[08:03 PM]  thirza ember: omg
[08:03 PM]  Oberon Onmura: are you totally here yet?
[08:03 PM]  thirza ember: here I am
[08:03 PM]  Oberon Onmura: yay! In my basement!
[08:03 PM]  Oberon Onmura: I'm so excited about this I can't tell you. I've only killed it twice and it's been up almost three days!
Now, I know what you're thinking, 'basement' and 'killed' in the same sentence - not good - but wait! This is actually super cool! If you've ever wondered what it would like to be your own personal Linden, Oberon has proved it's possible.
 thirza ember: I have no idea what this technology is/means. How can you make your own grid in your own computer at home?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Centaur and Sensibility

It's a movie shot in a city that you know well, and there's a scene where the hero rushes across town, and you're sitting there, watching, and you shout at the screen,' hey, he just went past the Pantheon and the Baths of Caracalla twice, I thought he was heading north to Florence?' Or, 'hold on, how did he get from Trafalgar Square to Kew without crossing the River?' And you get told to shut up, it's just a movie, and the city is not real, any more than the story is, and the real bits that  cement real life in those places together don't matter for the purposes of the plot. Except, you think, curling back up into your chair, they do.