Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Parts Mask

Magical mask performance by the Odyssey group today over at Roxelo Babenco's  Museo del Metaverso Art Space  on Moya's sim, where the ongoing Art & Poetry show moves into its second week.
There were other artists on show, but I could only sneak into SL for a few minutes - in time to catch the outstanding performance by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko, and Kai Steamer.
Three avatars, identical in size and movement, yet in startlingly different attire, moved across the stage to other-worldly music, asking us the eternal question - how many masks do we wear? Also -

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A History of Gothick

Ahora que se quien soy
No puedes dejarme
Respira en mi y hazme real
Traeme a la vida
Bring Me To Life, Evanescence
If virtual artists were drinks, what would they be? Bryn Oh is the Coca-Cola of Second Life, obviously; Soror Nishi is a Long Island Green Tea, Oberon Onmura would be the shape of the place where the glass once stood, but what about the rest?
Silene Christen would be a rich, discreet Ribera del Duero, from a small yet renowned vineyard nestled beneath the walls of a forbidding castle, kissed by moonlight; and if, fair to say, not every offering is memorable, there are there are enough good vintages to keep you curious.
Not that Silene is an obscure artist, by any means. In RL her work has received recognition in museums and private collections across Murcia; in SL she's won a clutch of prizes from the

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Floral Tribute

That 'avatar identity' stuff is largely pretentious twaddle, but I always think you can tell quite a bit from somebody's eyes. Writer and collector Maeve Eiren's are a limpid green, and speak of sometimes melancholy thoughtfulness wrapped in glassy strength.

You may remember her Celtic-themed sim, Skellig Medb, a storytelling land; when the sim had served its purpose she left the mainland, washing up on the 'focused and sane' shores of the Avalon Art region, where she enjoys the sense of community, the good services, and the people. Here at her parcel,  Croi Amhain she has a glassy greenhouse in a leafy suburb.  It's a different life, and she enjoys interacting with people on neighbouring parcels, and speaks with enthusiasm of the new project which will allow Avalon rsidents to show their private art collections in the Town Hall. Rowan Derryth's the chick with more info about that.

I never come to Avalon, so I was a bit laggy, but a few minutes fixed that. And the textures are worth the wait. Maeve has arranged the plants in a very conventional setting - a Victorian-style conservatory, complete with sprinkler system. Even though, of course,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crash, Bang: Mapping a Trollop

It's a big crash, and it's quite serious.
What's a bod about? In our search for happiness, love, and success, what are we making of ourselves? Corporeal or corporate? which matters?  Crash Bang Trollop is the new build by Maya Paris, opening this afternoon at MetaLES.

It's a mad, bad, hilarious-to-know exploration of the prodding and primping that is so important in our commercial, superficial world. In addition to the Zap suit, there are seven

Ground Control

I'm feeling very still
Space Oddity

Rare, not to be able to sleep, or maybe I just missed the bus tonight, and so why not take up Oberon Onmura's Facebook invitation to check out his new/old install,    Slow Chaos.
FB said I'd find it at the LEA Self-Curated Gallery. The good people at very kindly saw fit to open SL in Phoenix, my first Phoenix outing in months (I heart Imprudence), so I found myself wearing boots, sandals, and about thirteen different prim skirts, not to mention two different sets of hair.
But it's bikini weather.
Having always been a bit of a LEAgnostic, it was interesting to

Friday, September 9, 2011

'tricks of the light

Time to dance and be delighted, at Betty Tureaud's new build at Danish Visions. OMG how gorgeous does she look.
The theme this time is The Matrix, and as you can see it's inspired by those little boxy QR Codes that you see everywhere these days.
These particular ones were captured,