Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving pictures

Why film Second Life? 
I asked a bunch of people.
There's more than one reason. I'd just been to the spectacular RL Museo del Cinema,  which is why movies were on my mind, but it seems that everybody's at it, independently and via SL groups as undiverse as the Phantasmagoria and the UWA, the LEA and the SL Machinima Guild. Fuschia was at romy Nader's new build, so she's up first.
Fuschia Nightfire: I think every kind of art has its place, but machinima tells a story more than just a picture. It's also great for recording installations. Imagine if you wanted to record this build. Taking photos just wouldn't portray it.  I've only been making machinima for about a year, but I enjoy it - here's my Youtube channel if you want to look.
She's not wrong about the photo, is she? check out the spooky-cool dancing for yourself at MetaLES.
Obviously, machinima is great for porn, snarky remarks, tributes, tutorials, and