Wednesday, June 3, 2009

French Quickie

I'll be brief....

Vernissage is a nice word, don't you think? Try saying it out loud right now, let's see who you startle. From the French for varnishing, in the art world it means a preview or opening of an exhibition, and it has a satisfying sense of both finality and new beginnings to it: the work is done, sealed with a layer of gloss, and ready to be presented to the world. Last night there was a vernissage at the PiRats sim Second France, the invitation from Merlina Rokocoko was too tempting to miss. As usual, Merlina, Newbab the team at PiRats have put together an eclectic but complementary exhibition from around the globe. The building is itself a treat for the eyes, simple sweeping lines frame the art without overpowering it.

The show is laid out over three floors, you can TP up and down or take the stairs, there's plenty to catch the eye. I loved les ste maries by cocool Tracey, and, upstairs there were some great pieces by Shellina Winkler, I also enjoyed the purple indelible scars and at the end, lots of red moving parts, both by Maryva Mayo. On the whole though, if I'm honest, I'm more of a fan of figurative than abstract sculpture, especially anything that brings RL into SL, which is why I very much enjoyed the monumental statuary of Ub Yifu, here's a sample, from which you easily can see why you'll be seeing him again in this blog. Speaking of the exciting intersection between RL and SL art brings us to Michelangelo Montague, whose work invites one to get up close and personal with such seminal pieces of manipulated americana as Harlem Nightclub 1949, Train Wreck, and Sunday afternoon on 5th street, 1910. If you're new to SL, or would like to widen your circle of friends on an international level, the regular vernissages at PiRats are the perfect place to branch out, the atmosphere is always friendly, conducive to the making of new contacts. No stuffy snobbery here, and there's always champagne on offer!

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Shellina said...

Thanks for noticing my works. I'm very happy you enjoyed the exhibition :)