Saturday, October 22, 2011


If you're not otherwise occupied, this evening there's an Occupy Second Life event. They are targetting Capex which I didn't even know existed where you can play with stocks and shares, and their Inworld HQ looks very Gecko-smug and occupiable. And yet....

Miso Susanowa was busy putting together a few 'occupy' banners, props and poses at the SLLU Headquarters. If you don't know who the LSSU are, read this. They do all that 4 Bridges stuff, you know, anti- war and pro-cancer research, et cetera.
Miso Susanowa: They've been working hard. They just asked me in 3 days ago because they found out about my OWS work. And about my blogs. This is a legitimate protest,  not a stunt, with no griefing. We are raising awareness of what Occupy means. It's planned (as much as anything can be in SL) for 6pm SLT. Look around this sim, there's a lot of info links here, shirts, stuff - free masks :D so come here before you go to CapEx!
Miso was making some props for another 'Occupy' event. She means business.
Miso Susanowa: I am making items for OccupyLEA  :)
I looked askance.
Miso Susanowa: oh hunny i am putting my own reputation on the line for this :)

Quick recap, then: their plan is to head first over to SLLU  to stock up on info and props, then off to CapEx to occupy for change'. Should be fun. I mean, important. Sorry.
...and yet, it really wasn't. Poor Skip Oceanlane the CEO of ComEx took it all really badly. He felt the event was harassing him personally: he repeatedly stressed to the crowd that he's no millionaire, and hadn't done anything to hurt anyone. Judging by his profile, he's seen his fair share of ups and downs in SL, and this seemed to really hurt his feelings, and he said having his sim crashed added insult to injury.
Hmmm... makes you kind of take stock of the whole thing, huh.

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Miso Susanowa said...

I'd like to clarify: we did NOT crash his sim; he ejected us by group tag and then rebooted his own sim. He also accused us of "griefing" him with scripts, and yet all screen captures show that the sim is no-scripts; no scripted actions can be performed there. So there is a difference of opinion and some facts in this case.

Also, all chat logs agree that no one "got up in his face;" we were quite friendly.

His greeter-group-joiner script kept asking us over and over to join the group. Also, any1 Gynoid is a full member and participator in the CapEx Stock Exchange and therefore had a full and legal reason to be there, but she was ejected anyway (which is probably why she is pulling all her money out of the Exchange).

In our defense, the CapEx has already had questions raised about its activities, skirting the inworld gambling ban by the Lindens; this was explored in several blogs over the spring and summer.

We did not raise these issues; we did not "run scripts" and we did not personally attack this man; we were very open and friendly. He appeared to have an already-manufactured guilt complex, perhaps because of these prior allegations of questionable activities.

As agreed, we did not go there to attack someone personally, nor will we publish the public chat logs unless his threats to "report us for griefing his sim" call into question our conduct; then chat logs will back us up.

I repeat: we did not crash his sim; he rebooted the whole sim to force us out.